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Title: One Night I had a dream.

Live, Love and Laugh Often,


12 year old boy kills young woman.

I just heard that a 12 year old boy shot and killed a young lady. This is so SAD, for everyone involved. My prayers go out to both families. I can not seem to find the full story on this. Those of you, who have followed me thus far on this subject, know how I feel about this!!

So, my question is?

What should happen to this 12 year little old? What are your thoughts?

Should He:
1) Go to prison?
2) Spend life in prison without the possibility of parole (LWOP)?
3) Have to attend some form of intense counseling?
4) Have his parents be liable?
5) Spend time in the juvenile system until he is 18yrs. or 21yrs. old?
6) or all the above?

Once I find out the entire story, I will share my view on this.

Live, Love and Laugh Often,
Charlette Marie

What Type Of Lover Are You?

Listing will be posted soon????

I’m still thinking!!!

Live, Love and Laugh Often!!!

Charlette Marie

The Soul Within


The world as I know it, is based on what I ‘ve heard and what I’ve seen;
my family and I unknowingly have developed a theme.
The self-destruction, ignoring the repercussions, its all that I know,
but, somehow, someway I must let it go.

Sometimes, I can feel myself falling, but I can’t control the pace;
my fears, my doubts, all the insecurities; will appear for me to face.
Thinking I was passed this, but knowing I was wrong,
it’s as if, I keep wanting to play, my favorite sad love song.

It happen so fast, I feel as though I’m losing my mind;
I need to surrender and just give it some time.
While, I sit in the forest and I’m face with just my fears,
I don’t want to stay, but I know I need to be here.

I feel frighten and scared, I am cold and alone;
I’m left with nothing, but these thoughts I call my own.
Once this journey has come to an end,
I hope to have heard, what my soul yearns from within.

While, I dance in the wind, in this place I now call my home;
acceptance and tolerance will keep me from being alone.
Accepting, who I am and Tolerating who I can be,
I’ am now starting to experience, what is known as true harmony.

Trusting in myself, all of my thoughts are now clear;
as I reach into my soul, I am able to listen to what I hear.
My body swings into motion, my heart never skips a beat;
at last, I have arrived; I now feel complete.

The universe I live within, I’ am surrounded by positive energy;
the things that I want most in life will only come from synergy.
As I look back into the forest, where I have left all my fears behind,
there is nothing more satisfying, then have peace of mind.

Letting what is…is, letting what will be…be;
And of course, allowing myself to listen, to the soul that lives within me.
Now, when I look into the mirror, it’s just not myself that I see,
It’s a reflection of love towards everyone around me.

Then how wonderful you are, and I have remembered that I am too;
There is nothing in this world, we are unable to do.
As we lift up the shield, from all of the negative energy,
We can allow God to intervene, who is love, and Love is Reality.

Live, Love and Laugh always,
Charlette Marie

What Type Of Liar Are You?

What Type Of Liar Are You?

1)      The ‘Drive-by’ Liar:  This is the liar that will get in and out of the lie quick.  They do not want to get caught-up in the lie and forget what they have said.

2)      The “It’s-Takes-Two-To-Play-That-Game” Liar: This is the liar they will co-sign on your lie as if your lie was the truth.     (you will find these types of liars among men)

3)      The ‘Pretzel’ Liar:  This is the liar that no one knows when the truth ends and lie begins.

4)      The ‘Generational’ Liar: This is the liar that come a whole family of liars.

5)      The “I’m Only Thinking Of You” Liar: This is the type of liar that will tell you, I only lied, because the truth would have hurt you more.    (that is my favorite)

6)      The ‘If I Had A Penny’ Liar: This is the liar that if they received a penny after every lie, they would be a millionaire.

7)      The ‘You Need To Let It Go’ Liar: This is the liar that would better off, telling the truth from the beginning.

8)      The ‘Everlasting’ Lair: This is the lair that will take their lies to the grave. 

9)      The ‘Elementary’ Liar: This is the lair that will tell a lie for no reason at all, just because they can.

10)   The ‘Specialist’ of Liars: This is the liar that believes the actual lie is the truth.  And, they understand the process of creating a lie that others will believe as well.

So, what type of liar are you?    Can a person go through their entire life without telling a single lie?  A lie here and there is that really a problem?   As I have said before, if lying has started to have a negative impact on your daily life; then maybe it’s time to take a closer look at the reasons for the lie(s).  

Live, Love and Laugh

Charlette Marie

What is the woman’s role on a date or in a relationship?

Ok…let’s talk about the ROLE(s) women and men should play on a date or even as a couple.

I believe in the middle of everything that has happen in our society, from women becoming more independent, to the break-down of our families; somewhere along the way, the ROLES of women and men have changed. There are now, men in the household acting like women (if there is a man in the home at all). And, there are now, women acting like men; as if they DO NOT NEED a man…..What is that about?

What has happen or is happening to the family origin?

Live, Love and Laugh


So, a teacher is frustrated…and what else is new?

Once again another teacher has taking their Personal Frustrations out on a child?  

Please check out the latest incident, involving a teacher not handling her emotions and/or not using her coping skills, to address an issue with a student at: www.bvblackspin.com

This was a control issue and the teacher lose!!!

I’m not at all surprised by the actions of this teacher!  This type of behavior from teachers is happening everywhere and nothing is really being done to correct the problem.  The education system needs to be modified to fit the needs of the children today. Teachers are not engaging or creative when it comes to educating our children. I just do not understand what more do our children have to do, in order to get the attention of educators to improve the education system?

Do our children need to act out more in class?

Do our children need to receive lower test scores?

Do we need more children to drop out of school?

 This is not a child/student problem.  This is a parent/teacher problem!!!

 Now, what are we going to do about it???

Live, Love and Laugh


The Incarceration System

After working in the prison system, facilitating relationship classes; I came across what I called “‘The Forgotten Souls”.    This was the group of individuals who had committed a crime  and in most cases the crime resulted in someone being killed.  A life was taken, I understand that, but to have an individual who was at the time only 15 – 19 years of age (some younger) to spend life in prison WITHOUT the possibly of parole, is  not the answer to correct the wrong.    

Those are just my thoughts….

I will continue in much greater detail at a later date.

Live, Love and Laugh


The Education System

Why are our children not learning to their fullest potential?  Why are schools not preparing our children for real world experiences?  Why are so many children dropping out of school?  These are questions I have asked myself and others.   And, the only answer I seem to get is, MONEY!   But, is that really the answer???

I believe the problem(s) are surrounded by how our children are being educated.  Check out some of these facts just in Michigan alone:

Michigan Schools Drop-Out rates (2007-2008) – for a complete list please visit http://www.michigan.gov

Birmingham – 1.35%

Bloomfield Hills – .084%

Clawson – 4.62%

Dearborn – 14.60%

Detroit – 27.08%

East Detroit – 17.33%

Farmington – 7.9%

Ferndale – 36.64%

Highland Park – 41.85%

Novi – 3.2%

Oak Park – 19.59%

We as parents/teachers and authority figures need to be outrage by these numbers.  Well, my suggestion is, first figuring out how to educate our children differently.  School was Boring when I was in school and it is still Boring. 

 The school system is only focusing on 2 intelligences (logical Mathematical and Linguistic):

Logical Mathematical – Math Smarts

Linguistic – Word Smarts

So, if your child is not smart in the areas of Math and English…Guess what? …. Your child is going to be the student who is being label as ADD (attention deficits disorder), ADHD (attention deficits -hyperactive disorder), ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), OCD (oppositional conduct disorder and/or other learning disabilities.   

I believe Multiple Intelligence should be introduced into our schools.   All children should be educated, not just a selected few.   Please check out these websites for more information on Multiple Intelligence. www.Ldpride.net  and www.thomasarmstrong.com.   

 Question: Why hasn’t the Michigan Department of Education figured this out yet?

The Family System

I have a question?   

And, before I ask it..I just want to say “I’m not a male basher”  and that is not what this post is about.

Why are there some many ‘little boys’ walking around in men bodies?    I say that with the up-most respect.   I really want to know?     The men I have been meeting lately are still wanting to play childish games.   Why is it so hard for the So Called Men of today; to say what they mean, and mean what they say?                                                                                                                                                                          (Not only to me,but to all the women in their lives..mothers,grandmothers,daughters,sisters,aunts)

It’s just a question?

I will have a lot more to say on this subject very soon!

Live, Love and Laugh


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