So, a teacher is frustrated…and what else is new?

Once again another teacher has taking their Personal Frustrations out on a child?  

Please check out the latest incident, involving a teacher not handling her emotions and/or not using her coping skills, to address an issue with a student at:

This was a control issue and the teacher lose!!!

I’m not at all surprised by the actions of this teacher!  This type of behavior from teachers is happening everywhere and nothing is really being done to correct the problem.  The education system needs to be modified to fit the needs of the children today. Teachers are not engaging or creative when it comes to educating our children. I just do not understand what more do our children have to do, in order to get the attention of educators to improve the education system?

Do our children need to act out more in class?

Do our children need to receive lower test scores?

Do we need more children to drop out of school?

 This is not a child/student problem.  This is a parent/teacher problem!!!

 Now, what are we going to do about it???

Live, Love and Laugh



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