Take Care Of You First and Worry About Me Second!

Just Another Question?

Should a MAN have any say so, when it comes to a WOMAN having an abortion?

Well, I say it depends on the CIRCUMSTANCES and the type of RELATIONSHIP the couple has or had.
If they were just SEX BUDDIES or FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS then NO. If they were in a SERIOUS and COMMITTED relationship (and both parties were on the same page), then YES.

This question came to mind; today, because I rode pass an abortion clinic and saw two MEN outside with signs, I guess PROTESTING.

I’ve always wonder why men would protest in front of an abortion clinic? Do they really BELIEVE they have a SAY, in what OTHER women do with their bodies or with what is IN their bodies.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m Pro-Choice. I believe it is a woman’s RIGHT and hers alone to have an abortion or not.


Because, ultimately, it is the WOMAN who will be taking care of the BABY.…….Statistics shows that!

Now, don’t get me wrong there are men out there who do SHARE in the responsibility of raising their CHILDREN, AND AMEN TO THAT!!! But, there are a lot of men who don’t… AND SHAME ON YOU FOR THAT!!!

I always smile when I see men PROTESTING in front of ABORTION CLINICS. I think it is really funny to see a MAN trying to speak on something that I feel is NONE of their BUSINESS.

I mean, some men and some women are standing behind the fact that it is a SIN to kill.

GRANTED I will give you that, however, we don’t see people protesting about the SINS of these so called protesters.

It’s funny how people are quick to judge one SIN against another;
Like one sin is worst then other.

Sin is a Sin…..big or small

Lesson for today:

“Let’s judge less and love more”

Live, Love and Laugh Often
Charlette Marie



  1. jonolan said,

    January 8, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Should a non-Slave Owner, or anyone in a non-Slave Holding state, have had a say in any matter regarding slavery? After all, at the end of the day it is the slave owner who has to take care of the slaves or dispose of them.

    Strangely, over 360K men (almost all White) felt it was enough of their business to die to end the practice, presumably thereby freeing your ancestors.

    Should a man who sees a rape or murder in progress just go on his way because it’s none of his business? After all, unless the victim or attacker is somehow related to or involved with the bystander, it’s none of his business.

    Sadly, that does happen frequently these days.

    As far as I can see, it’s every man’s duty to put a stop to atrocities when and where he can. Infanticide (you and yours call it abortion) falls into that pernicious category.

    Oh…and before you tell me that a fetus isn’t a person, think back on what was said about your ancestors during slave days.

    • Charlette said,

      January 11, 2010 at 9:59 pm

      Hey Jonolan

      WOW, that was really a stretch! ……Abortion and Slavery???? I don’t see the correlation.

      However, in most cases Abortions are voluntarily…meaning a choice and as you know and your ancestors knew; Slavery was involuntarily…meaning NOT a choice.

      So, is it slavery you really want to discuss?

      Then, by the way; there are 27million people still in enslaved.

      So, should I say “thanks” or should I say “there is still work to be done”

      Live, Love and TRY to Laugh Often
      Charlette Marie

  2. jonolan said,

    January 12, 2010 at 9:34 pm

    You don’t see the correlation?

    In both cases the argument in favor of continuing the practice is that the victims aren’t really people and therefor don’t have basic rights. Also, in both cases the practice was completely legal.

    Voluntary? I have never heard of an born child asking for its mother to kill it, just as I’ve never heard or read of a Black asking to be sold into slavery without coercion. But, it is true that both were voluntary practices by the aggressors in each instance.

    I see a definite corollary between abortion and slavery and pray that history repeats itself.

  3. Andrea said,

    January 12, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    Jonolan, welcome to the year 2010 slavery is long gone and is never coming back, so don’t hold your breath,( maye be you should), because president Obama is the HEAD BLACK MAN IN CHARGE.

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