Too Young To Have a “Difficult” Attitude

Well, over the weekend, my son said something very interesting to me.  Keep in mind he is only 13 years old. 

Out of nowhere, my son says, “this summer I’m only going to ‘date’ white girls”.  (I’m assuming ‘date’ means talk to on the phone or possibly meeting up at the mall)

Anyway I say, “really…… and Why?

He then says, “Black girls are too difficult”. 

 I say; really……and why do you say that?

He proceeds to give me an example.

“In school, if you see a black girl upset or something and you ask her what is wrong; she will say, none of your business and make an ugly face at you. But, if you see a white girl upset, and ask her what is wrong, she might say, nothing or something like that; without the attitude”

I thought that was very profound for a 13-year-old to notice. 

Because it is no secret, that black women are known to have a more “difficult attitude” then white women. My question or concern would be; why the attitude is starting so soon?  Is it the culture we live in, the role models or is it genetics?

Why are black girls (women) so difficult? 

As a black woman, I would say, the attitude comes from dating the wrong type of man and trying to change him into the right type of man.  And, during that time going through hell and back; all in the name of what we thought was love, only to do it again, with someone different.

That may explain the insanity, of the black women, but what is the explanation for the young black girls.

Just another question, I will explore in the weeks to come.

Until next time,

      Love and be loved,

          Charlette Marie


The Education System

Why are our children not learning to their fullest potential?  Why are schools not preparing our children for real world experiences?  Why are so many children dropping out of school?  These are questions I have asked myself and others.   And, the only answer I seem to get is, MONEY!   But, is that really the answer???

I believe the problem(s) are surrounded by how our children are being educated.  Check out some of these facts just in Michigan alone:

Michigan Schools Drop-Out rates (2007-2008) – for a complete list please visit

Birmingham – 1.35%

Bloomfield Hills – .084%

Clawson – 4.62%

Dearborn – 14.60%

Detroit – 27.08%

East Detroit – 17.33%

Farmington – 7.9%

Ferndale – 36.64%

Highland Park – 41.85%

Novi – 3.2%

Oak Park – 19.59%

We as parents/teachers and authority figures need to be outrage by these numbers.  Well, my suggestion is, first figuring out how to educate our children differently.  School was Boring when I was in school and it is still Boring. 

 The school system is only focusing on 2 intelligences (logical Mathematical and Linguistic):

Logical Mathematical – Math Smarts

Linguistic – Word Smarts

So, if your child is not smart in the areas of Math and English…Guess what? …. Your child is going to be the student who is being label as ADD (attention deficits disorder), ADHD (attention deficits -hyperactive disorder), ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), OCD (oppositional conduct disorder and/or other learning disabilities.   

I believe Multiple Intelligence should be introduced into our schools.   All children should be educated, not just a selected few.   Please check out these websites for more information on Multiple Intelligence.  and   

 Question: Why hasn’t the Michigan Department of Education figured this out yet?